Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark

The Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the most popular fiesta in Pampanga, Clark, Philippines. Each year, around the second week of February, visitors from Manila and all over the world gather in Clark, Philippines to watch the hot air balloons over a four day period.

What many tourists and residents of Manila, Subic, Pampanga Angeles City and Clark Philippines found out over the holidays when they traveled out of town going north to Pampanga for a short getaway and a nice vacation was that this highly recommended hotel in Clark is also a very night out place. In the evening, the board-walk areas as well as the Breakfast Garden and Cafe of this top rated resort in Clark is a cool place to hang out with good atmosphere. Now many visitors visit Clearwater Resort & Country Club not only to enjoy swimming, paddle a kayak or rowboat in the beautiful lake of Clark or relax and have fun with children in the picnic grounds, but also to stay a little bit longer into the evening to enjoy a nice barbecue dinner by the lake. Young visitors make reservations to enjoy a cookout at the campfire grounds at the hillside of Brunello Gardens camping and picnic grounds. This is the outdoor lifestyle that is unique to this resort in Clark Pampanga, no other hotel and resort in Pampanga, Subic, Angeles City can offer. For residents of big cities like Manila, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing, this kind of laidback and relaxing ambience is something that tourists and visitors look for when spending their holidays or a long vacation in the Philippines.

Many event organizers and company in-house planners are looking for a safe and secure event venue for team building as well as company outings, seminars and planning sessions near Manila. Angeles City Pampanga is near enough to Manila to be preferred as an out-of-town getaway destination provided that the event venue is safe and secure. Very often, Clark Freeport is preferred by participants not only because it is a very accessible destination for events and holidays but also because it is free of pollution and noise, making it one of the best locations for parties, functions and events in the Philippines.

Feedback from Manila travel agencies, Pampanga frequent tourists and Philippines holiday destination guides indicate a change in the criteria for selecting the best hotel in for meetings, seminars, conferences, planning sessions and all sorts of corporate functions and events near Manila. Visitors from Manila, Cebu, Subic and Pampanga are no longer looking for luxury and convenience in their selection for a good place to stay in Clark. Instead the important factors to consider for travelers and those looking for a good resort in Clark for holidays and vacation include safety, security, clean outdoor facilities and a generally relaxing ambience that can help the guest relieve some of the stress from work in a crowed city like Manila.

Visitors traveling to Pampanga to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, will not pass up on the opportunity to wine and dine at the good restaurants in Clark Pampanga. Noted by wine and food lovers of Manila to be the best restaurant in Clark Pampanga, Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge usually offer sumptuous menus to help visitors celebrate special occasions. For more information about this special restaurant in Clark Pampanga, log on to:

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