Hi everybody, I am Katherine. My husband and I went to Clark for our anniversary. We decided that a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant in Manila was not our thing anymore. This year we wanted to use this excuse to drive north, out of Manila, to somewhere in Pampanga where we can take some of the stress away.

Our travel agency recommended a good hotel in Clark Pampanga called Clearwater Resort. They said that this hotel in Clark is really good for people who want peace and quiet. That was music to our ears. We don’t want to drive all the way to Pampanga just to spend our time in a hotel room watching TV.

Fishing Pond at Clearwater Resort

We checked into a honeymoon cottage at this resort in Clark. It is a cozy place, very private, just behind the lodges by the lake. I could see he cute Outback tents from the cottage. We took a peek inside and to our surprise, these tents are actually real hotel rooms inside, complete with air conditioner, hot water, shower, everything. We will bring the kids and try staying in one of these the next time we come to Clearwater Resort. I haven’t seen anything like this before in other hotels in the Philippines.

Just beyond that is a fishing pond. My husband could not hold back his excitement. He didn’t bring his fishing gear but that did not stop him. He borrowed a rod from the staff and within less than an hour, filled a bucket with a dozen fish, one pretty big too.

Although fishing kept my husband busy for several hours, there are other things to do and amenities to enjoy in this hotel in Clark Pampanga. I prefer to cool down a little so I took a dip in the pool next to the beach. Sand is white and fine but the beach is not very big. But I am not very big too. It is strange to find white sand in a resort so near to Manila. I was told that the beach in this resort is man-made and so are the large lake and other swim spots.

Clearwater Resort is one of the best hotels near to Manila I have seen. I recommend Clearwater resort to visitors as a good hotel in Clark Pampanga. Prices are moderate and rooms are spacious but not luxurious. Guests of this resort in Clark are not allowed to bring food or drinks. But I found out that you can get permission to bring a small dog. That is exactly what we plan to do next time we stay in this good hotel in Clark Pampanga.

Oh, one more thing, the shopping malls in Clark are just behind this hotel. You can literally walk there from the rear exit of Clearwater Resort. But we took the car because it would not be easy to carry the stuff I bought and still walk back to the resort. You can say that the more I explore about this hotel in Clark Pampanga, the more I discovered things to like about it.
For the convenience of travelers with upcoming trips to Pampanga, Angeles City or Clark Freeport Zone, in case they plan to visit the establishments mentioned in the above review, here are the contact details. Visitors are advised to contact these establishments directly for reservations and any other assistance required, well in advance to avoid disappointments.

Clearwater Resort
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo,
Clark Field, Clark Freeport Zone,
Pampanga Philippines 2023

Tel: (045)599-5949 or 0917-520-4403 or 0922-870-5177


Manila Sales Office: Tel: (632) 633-1566 or 0916-782-2643

Email: Concierge@ClearwaterPhilippines.com

Have a nice trip to Clark Pampanga.
HotelClarkPhilippines.com wishes to thank Katherine for sharing with us her anniversary at a good hotel in Clark Pampanga. It appears that this hotel in Clark has something special to offer to those looking for a resort near Manila that offers peace and quiet. Thanks Katherine for the information about this hotel in Clark Pampanga.


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