Spacious picnic grounds in Clearwater Resort Clark Pampanga

List of hotels in Clark Pampanga Philippines is out and topping the list released by travel agencies and visitors guides is Clearwater Resort, the top rated hotel in Clark Philippines, many regard as the best hotel in Pampanga. In addition to being the best hotel in Clark Philippines, Clearwater Resort is also a highly recommended place to go in Pampanga, Angeles City and Clark Philippines.

Things to do in Clark Pampanga, place to go and visit in Angeles City and Clark is Clearwater Resort, a safe place where children will enjoy, families to bond, unwind and relax in the nice outdoor space, leisure lifestyle that visitors from Manila look for in a city like Clark Freeport. This hotel in Clark Philippines is one of the most frequently places in Pampanga. It is also a top rated beach resort in North Luzon for company outings and family retreats. It is most frequently visited hotel in Clark Pampanga because of beautiful view and good outdoor facilities for swimming, picnic and barbecue.

Outdoor events by the famous lake of Clark Pampanga Philippines

Top rated outdoor place go to in Pampanga, highly recommended for families with children looking for a good safe place for kids to play and enjoy family bonding with parents. This is the best hotel in Clark Philippines, highly recommended by travel guides and frequent travelers going on a getaway away from Manila towards Clark Pampanga to relax and enjoy a day in clean and safe outdoor picnic grounds. Residents of Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines come to Clearwater Resort & Country Club to enjoy the outdoor ambience, relax and unwind by the famous lake of Clark Freeport, one of the most popular places to go in Clark Pampanga.

Residents or Manila travel out of town to head north to Pampanga to relax, unwind and spend a few nights in the new hotel rooms situated right on the lake of Clearwater Resort in Clark Airbase. Many visitors and tourists enjoy the feeling of waking up by the lake. The sunrise produces a spectacular sight with the sunlight reflection on the calm surface of the three-hectare fresh water lake of this famous resort in Clark.

Lakehouse Cabin on Lake of Clearwater Resort

The Lake House is a cluster of two medium-sized deluxe twin rooms, a deluxe single room and a one-bedroom suite and adjoins one of the twin rooms making it a good choice of lodging for big families. The Lake House is becoming a very popular choice of accommodation for vacation rentals as well as weekend getaways from Manila. It is located near the reception and the alfresco Clearwater Breakfast Garden and Café.

Amenities of this 13ha property includes lake, beach, several large and small swim spots, frolic garden, amphitheatre, picnic grounds, biking trail, fishing, airsoft shooting range, camp grounds, lawn tennis, water sports, volley ball, jogging trail, boating and kayaking. This beach resort is a fairly large place so guests need to be ready for a bit of walking. One could rent bikes to paddle around and that would be a nice experience for the family also.

Mother and children bonding through fishing in lake of Clearwater Resort

Top rated destination for family reunion, bonding, retreat, picnic and getaway out of town from Manila is Clearwater Beach Resort; frequently visited spots are lake, picnic grounds; water sports, boating, swimming, kayak, camping. The private resort’s child friendly facilities are attractive to Manila residents and family tourists also.

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Peaceful tranquility by the famous lake of Clark Pampanga Philippines

Family bonding can be very enjoyable this summer vacation if travelers can go north to Clark Pampanga and hang out in famous and highly recommended beach resort near Manila Clearwater near Angeles City Philippines.

There is a casual café with a beautiful view which serves good breakfast and basic lunch and dinner. Foodies can opt to drive over to Mimosa about 3 minutes away just a bit too far to walk, to have dinner at the fine-dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar. This cozy and romantic restaurant serves French Mediterranean cuisine at prices that are surprisingly affordable. For wine lovers, this restaurant in Mimosa Clark Freeport Pampanga is a treat with its award winning 3000-line wine lists that contain not only the famous labels but also connoisseurs’ choice of fine vintage wines.

Clearwater Beach and Lake Resort
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo, Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023
(632) 633-1566 (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0922-870-5177 Joanne or Jeremy

Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 Rea, Kristine or Chay

Getting to this beach resort in Pampanga Angeles City Clark PhilippinesAfter entering Clark Freeport from Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along the main highway MA Roxas, passing the stand-along wine shop called Clark Wine Center on the right, continue to bear right making no turns at all, go past Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, one will hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on the right just 200m down.

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Yats International Leisure Philippines

While in Clark, it might be a good idea to enjoy an evening of wine-and-dine in the fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar that features an award winning 2700-line wine list. It is located in Mimosa Leisure Estate of Clark Freeport Zone. For more information, visit

YATS Leisure Philippines is a developer and operator of clubs, resorts and high-class restaurants and wine shops in Clark Angeles Philippines

While in Clark, one might as well add to the itinerary a visit to the famous Clark Wine Center, the largest wine shop in Philippines which offers over 2000 selections of fine vintage wine from all wine regions, vintages spanning over 50 years covering all price ranges.

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The London Pub is a very popular resto bar for residents, tourists, business executives and visitors from Manila to hang out, drink, relax and unwind after work or a game of golf during the day. Fine English cuisine, family comfort food is served. It is also very famous for the best fish n chips in the Philippines.

Highly Recommended Family Resto Bar The London Pub in Clark Pampanga

Clark Pampanga has many good hotels and resorts to choose from, accommodating guests looking for holidays and vacations in the Philippines. For assistance with hotels in Clark Philippines, log on to

The lifestyle in Clark Pampanga is quite unique. For more information about shopping, sports, golf, leisure, hotel accommodation, where to see and visit, what to do, where to wine and dine and good places to hang out, relax, have a drink with friends, child-friendly establishments, log on to

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Lagoon by the white sand beach of Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga

Clearwater Resort is 40 minutes from the Subic and from Manila 70 minutes as a style with a large outdoor resort to places like national parks safe, quiet, clean area to relax and feel the fresh air is the best retreat.

클락 프리 포트안에 있는 클리어 워터 리조트는 수빅에서 40분거리 마닐라 와는 70분 거리 내에 있는
대형 야외 리조트로서 전통 어메리칸 스타일의 국립 공원 같은 곳으로 안전,고요함,청정지역의 자유로움을
느낄수 있는 최고의 휴식처 입니다.

이 곳은 마닐라 근방에서 가장 큰 피크닉 그라운드로서 크기는 약 13헥타르에 이르며 3헥타르에
수영장과 보라카이에서 공수해 온 하얀 모래 작은 인공해변 측면으로 3000평방 미터의 얕은 바다와 같이
수상 스포츠와 낚시 카약(보트)등을 즐길수 있으며 호수옆 수영장에서 일년 내내 따뜻한 필린핀의
날씨를 즐기실수 있습니다.

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