Hi everyone, my name is William Paragua, 45 years old, love to eat and like to drink wine. Every time I travel for business or pleasure, I budget minimum for hotel and make room for good meal and if possible, a good bottle of wine.

My trip to Pampanga took place in December 2013. I went to Clark Pampanga to attend a seminar thrown by a major supplier for the company I work for. Most of us returned to Manila on the same day but I had to interview a few applicants in Clark the next morning so I stayed overnight, hotel room paid for by the company including breakfast. I was offered an allowance of p2000 for dinner but use my charm to get 3000. For that I am quite proud of myself. After all, negotiating is what I do best.
I had to make three important decisions about my plans for dining in Clark. First I have to choose a good restaurant in Clark, a dining establishment that would make me want to come back to Clark Pampanga for more. That decision was easy. My friends have told me about this fine dining restaurant in Clark called Yats Restaurant and I have seen it mentioned several times on TV shows.

Next decision was to split up my budget for wine and for food. I love wine but I want good food too. Yats is a fine dining restaurant and I knew that 3000 didn’t get very far in an upscale restaurant like this, even if it is located in Pampanga. But to my surprise, the prices were not that high. I went for a set dinner for just 950. Now I have 2000 for wine, yippy!

Bar of Restaurant in Clark Pampanga

Bar of Restaurant in Clark Pampanga

The last decision was what wine to order. I love red wine but I also like white, and I really can use some Champagne too. OK, say it, I am spoiled, so what, how many times do I live? I talked to a senior person, obviously very knowledgeable in wine and I already liked the restaurant more and more already. His name is Lito and he recommended three wines for me to choose, a 2005 Chateau from Bordeaux, a 1999 Burgundy and a 2007 Barbaresco from Piedmont, Italy. The Burgundy was out of my league at 3900 but I will certain come back one day soon to drink it. I wanted the 2005 Bordeaux but I decided to try the Barbaresco instead. It was one of the best decisions I made this year. If only all my investment choices were so spot on, I’d no longer have to worry about dining budgets ever again.

The food was superb. This Yats Restaurant in Clark Pampanga can really cook. I love the Venison loin and the mushroom risotto was to die for. There was nothing fancy about the food. It was just appetizing to the eye and delicious in the mouth. And the wine went down smoothly with the food. I had no trouble finishing the whole bottle except for a small glass which I offered to Lito who shared some interesting stories with me throughout the evening. The restaurant was only half full so I got some really good service.

I will certainly be back to this restaurant in Clark Pampanga again and again. One day I will dine here with a bunch of foodies and wine lovers so we can order and share several bottles of wine. By any standards, Yats is a good restaurant, and I suspect that this is the best restaurant in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone.
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Fine dining Yats Restaurant & Wine Lounge in Clark Pampanga Philippines

Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge
Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn,
Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark field,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel: (045) 599-5600 0922-870-5194 0917-520-4401
Email: Manager@YatsRestaurant.com
Drive safely and have a nice stay in Clark Philippines!
HotelClarkPhilippines.com wishes to thank William for sharing with us his experience with a good restaurant in Clark Pampanga. It is through this kind of reports from travelers and frequent visitors to Clark Freeport in Philippines that enable other visitors make the most out of their stay in Clark Philippines. Thanks very much William for telling us about this good place to eat in Clark Pampanga.

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