Manila Event organizers and party planners are relieved to discover that wine catering services are now available in the Philippines. Professional wine catering services are now offered by the leading wine supplier in the Philippines.

Wine Tasting in Clark Pampanga

Wine Tasting in Clark Pampanga

Wine Catering is similar to the more familiar food catering services except that it deals with wine. There are several key components in wine catering that enable party hosts and event organizers to make a function much more interesting and memorable for guests.

A good wine caterer must be able to design a wine concept that befits the purpose of the each function. Wine concepts can be a wine tasting, a wine bar or a wine dinner for example, or it can be much more creative. The actual format of the wine party in Manila can be anything from very casual and self-paced to highly structured, depending on what the organizer requires for each particular function. Regardless of how formal or casual the event is, professional wine service is always essential in order to ensure a memorable experience for the guests.

Click here for more information about Wine Catering Services in Philippines.

Click here for more information about Wine Catering Services in Philippines.

Wine selection is another key quality of a wine party in Philippines. The wine caterer must avoid serving wines that are readily available in wine shops and restaurants around Manila. One of the fun of attending a party in Manila that serves good wine is to have a chance to taste wines that one has not seen or tasted before.

Wine Accessories such as glasses and decanters are equally important for wine tasting parties in the Philippines. Preferred wineglasses are ISO tasting glasses which are particular suited to smaller (tasting) pouring sizes as compared to regular dinner wine glasses that hold a much larger volume of wine.

Handling and preparation of wine also makes a great difference in the resulting quality of wine enjoyed by the guests. Incorrect serving temperatures can alter the quality of the wine to such an extent that a perfectly good bottle of wine can be mistakenly perceived by the guests as one that is off or corked. A good wine caterer should always know how long to aerate each kind of wine for maximum enjoyment by the guests.

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Yats Wine Cellars
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel: (632) 637-5019 or 0917-520-4393


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